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AB College: Pros and Cons.

AB College, one of the oldest (ESTD. 1974) education institute in Pathankot and probably the best with highest number of students studying there (2900+ admissions every year*), but even after more than 40 years it still has many problems and these problems make it a not so good college for studying. Lets go through these problems one by one.....
#1. Infrastructure. Well in today’s modern world people really care about infrastructure i.e. Building, proper class rooms, furniture, play grounds, parks or garden and so on. All these things are not well in AB, like there building is very old just like the college but the problem with that is its not well maintained or repaired, you can easily found leakage in rooms. Another thing is the washroom and that have the worst condition with most of the things broken. Furniture is uncomfortable and old. Play ground, just take a look of basketball court and you will get the answer. There’s no difference between a Ramlila ground and the college’s grou…


BREAKING News Terrorist attacks on Pathankot air force Station. Two terrorist killed Pathankots S.P. Kidnapped by terrorists
All these headlines are flashing on news channels when i wake up today. I was also terrified by this news. Mom and dad were already watching T.V. and i also start watching, it was quite knowledgeable for anyone who want to know anything about news, after watching news for few minutes I start getting worried about the news but not about the issue actually I was deeply concerned about the way our popular news channels show that news. They show interviews of some former officers and then everything linked with our neighbour country. They all Start saying this terrorist group is responsible for this attack although no one taken responsibility . So the thing is, can these news channels link any attack with any country and any group without any proof. Well this is totally misguiding, everyone look forward to them for news and what they give is “sutro ke havale se kha…