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5 Big things Modi Government should do after Demonetization!

Since the announcement of Demonetization on 8th of November, Indians are struggling outside Banks but no one is saying that this step is bad, those who are Criticizing are only targeting the implementation of this step. This Bold move by the current government proves that it is able enough to take big and risky decisions. So what’s next, does this government not gonna take any such decisions in future, well the answer is they gonna take, but before taking another big decision they want to make this decision of Demonetization a good one. Recent moves like the promotion to Cashless transactions is one of them, Government is using its full power in making Indian economy a less Cash economy, which they need to do before the end of next year if they want to win again in upcoming center elections. If this dream of less Cash economy become possible then India economy will grow at the rate of 8% easily because the current budget of government moves around 4 lakh Crore but if less Cash econom…


First of all Sultan (300 Crore) than MS Dhoni (133 Crore) and recently Dangal which is still running in the theaters and already become the 2nd highest grosser of the year, this year is surely all about Sports Drama films. Other films which are also Sports oriented were Azhar, Freaky Ali, Do Lafzon Ki Kahani but these films didn’t do well at the box office.
2017 also gonna saw some most awaited sports films like Sachin: A Billion Dreams.
If we look at this year business wise then it’s a very bad year and demonetization at the end make it even worse. Only eight films manage to mint profit for its makers that why I consider to look at this year Content wise, Films like Udta Punjab, Pink, Dear Zindagi, Neerja, Dangal, and Airlift are the examples. Even performances of the actors like Amitabh, Alia, Shahid, Vidya, Aamir, Fawad, and SRK were more valuable then-then few more Crore. Let’s hope for a better 2017 for Bollywood business but this year is surely very good for the Hollywood flick…


With the terror of Ind-Pak war in the air, I found this idea as a need of the hour. Today I was watching a TV Show when this idea stuck in my mind, In that Show, they were showing a report on Chinese School system but what caught my attention the most was dazzling Chinese flag in one the school. How a flag in a public place like School or college can provoke patriotism is not a topic of debate, it will be very helpful in making people more concerned and respectful toward their country, Government must make it compulsory for public places like Schools, Colleges, Railway Stations, and Airports etc. Only this small step can change the whole mindset of common Citizens toward their Country. No matter of which Country you are but it always feel good when we saw our National flag grooving with the air. A terrorist doesn’t have any Country, they come from among us, So if all public places have Flags then our mates will never decide to pursue the path of terrorism. JAI HIND. Please do comment…


Yesterday I finished reading Chetan Bhagat’s latest Novel “One Indian Girl” a story of extraordinary women with a strong message which reminds of that commercial add dialogue “why should boys have all the fun?” well yes that’s what am going to discuss today.
Why is this world still a male dominated?
Why women of the 21st century is still not getting equal pay for equal work (compared to men)?
Well frankly speaking am not going to raise all these old issues, because they are well known, My issue is why workplaces are not women friendly?
If we look at the world around us we will found that it’s all in accordance with the man’s need. In 21th century women also play a major role in various businesses all around the world but still no one care about their needs, If we look at the basic schedule of an office it’s Okay for a man and even for a young women but not for a women who is married now and have Children waiting at home because of this most girls quit job before marriage in India and…


Throughout the country a protest against Chinese products is happening, Common people are avoiding the purchase of Chinese products, a social campaign is happening on Social media requesting people to boycott Chinese products, So what’s it mean?
There are many questions, Let’s go through them one by one.
Who call this boycott and why?
This Boycott is called by some random Social media activists, also supported by various politicians and celebrities against China after it blocked India’s attempt to designate Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed leader Masood Azhar a terrorist at the UN.
Is it going to work?
Well the answer is no, most of the Chinese products are unavoidable like Cell phones and electronic products, This boycott is only going to effect very less Chinese companies which sell their products without any return policy (decorative items, fireworks etc) so at the end it’s only the Indian retailer who is going to get affected because they had already bought these products not Chin…


What is it?
Indian Reservation policy is a form of affirmative action by which a percentage of seats are reserved in the public sector units, union and state civil services, union, and state government departments and in all public and private educational institutions, except in the religious/ linguistic minority educational institutions, for the socially and educationally backward communities and the Scheduled Castes and Tribes who are inadequately represented in these services and institutions. The reservation policy is also extended for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes for representation in the Parliament of India.
In India, a person born in a poor family of General category (which doesn’t come under reservation) doesn’t get any support from the government, whereas a person born in a rich family of Scheduled Caste (which comes under reservation) get’s what he deserve less than general category guy. There’s only 0.7% reservation based on merit, where as near about 49…


Amazon Go is a latest retail project of amazon, currently in beta stage. This Monday amazon announces this new retail store with “no checkout process” to be open in early 2017 for customers. Well there will be no Checkout at all, All you have to do is just get into one of these amazon go store before entering you have to switch on amazon go app which will automatically add all the items which you will pick from store in a virtual cart and just after you get out of store it will automatically charge from your amazon account.
Well it seem pretty cool to have no checkout process, no more lines but the question is how’s this possible?
According to amazon they gonna use the same technology which we found in self-driving cars I.e. deep learning, sensor fusion and computer vision along with the amazon go apps technology. But right now it seems pretty tricky as we all know some time customers put things back, some items are sold according to their weight, what if we have to return something a…


Well last month the decision of banning 1000 and 500 rupee notes took the country by storm and even after 30 days the cash crunch is not over. Some experts say this bold move of Indian Government will effect GDP of our country badly in short run but it will also does many long term benefits.
The main reason behind this move is black money and corruption. If our government really want to finish these two problems then it has to stop printing these new 2000 rupees currency notes.
There are many reasons which favor it, First of all it’s very difficult to hide large amount of black money consisting smaller currency notes, Secondly It will become difficult to bribe someone also. Many developed countries like America, UK doesn’t really has bigger notes like America’s biggest note is $100 while of UK is 50 pound.
Currently to tackle cash shortage government had issued 2000 Rupee note but it will also be stopped just like 1000 Rupee note, even in coming years 500 rupee note should be stopped…


With ever increasing number of Bollywood films releasing every year it’s become very tough for producers to get solo releases and added to that Hollywood and regional cinemas growth, result in increased competition. Two Big Films releasing on same day is become very common which was not common in past. Recent clashes like Mohenjo Daro VS Rustom, Dilwale VS Bajirao Mastani are the examples where definitely one film loose a lot of money not because it’s bad or something but because it’s fail to attract audience for example Rustom and Mohenjo Daro both were good films but Rustom wins because it’s manage to connect with the audience well.
This So called “Clash” thing is very dangerous for Indian Cinema where number of Cinemas are very less. This thing is very bad now because entertainment industry is already going through recession because of demonetization.
After avoiding the so called biggest Bollywood Clash with Sultan, Raees is now releasing with Kaabil which is also a big film becau…


The announcement of demonetization and it’s consequences has already troubled both public and government badly and now the goal of Cashless economy is an another challenge for the Indian Government, Few experts say that if this goal doesn’t achieve by the current government in next six months then the step of demonetization will be called a great blunder.
The cashless economy is need of the hour as most growing economies in the world whether China or America has a larger number of online transactions than in Cash. There are many benefits of Cashless economy like it’s become difficult to bribe someone, the need of White money will increase resulting in less black money, the banking system will grow, the government will earn more money in the form of direct tax etc. Right now most land deals happen in Cash and that too mostly include black money. If you ever bought a land then you know that it’s impossible to buy a land without black money because of which in current scenario our econo…