Throughout the country a protest against Chinese products is happening, Common people are avoiding the purchase of Chinese products, a social campaign is happening on Social media requesting people to boycott Chinese products, So what’s it mean?

There are many questions, Let’s go through them one by one.

Who call this boycott and why?

This Boycott is called by some random Social media activists, also supported by various politicians and celebrities against China after it blocked India’s attempt to designate Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed leader Masood Azhar a terrorist at the UN.

Is it going to work?

Well the answer is no, most of the Chinese products are unavoidable like Cell phones and electronic products, This boycott is only going to effect very less Chinese companies which sell their products without any return policy (decorative items, fireworks etc) so at the end it’s only the Indian retailer who is going to get affected because they had already bought these products not China.

Why our Government is not banning?

Well in today’s world of globalization no country is independent, All countries need other Countries support if they want to grow. India as a Country can’t ban Chinese products because it’s against the norms of world trade organization. Also, various Indian Companies do huge business in China, what will happen if they ban Indian products in their Country? Various reports show that China is India’s largest trade partner, Moreover Indian government need the support of Chinese companies if they want to make their “make in India” Champagne a hit. Indian government earns huge amount of money by imposing the anti-dumping duty or countervailing duty on specific goods imported from the People’s republic of China. Banning import will cut us off from the revenue through customs duty.

Conclusion: So, what we learned from all this is we can’t avoid all made-in-China products and our government can’t impose a ban, but on an individual level, we can avoid various Chinese products and by doing so we can promote our Indian products. What we need to figure out is that most of the unavoidable made in China products are of American and European Companies, what we need to do is just avoid buying products of Chinese companies which will force them to start manufacturing in India. Another thing which our government can do is set some quality standards so that we can get rid of all those low-quality Chinese products and at last take necessary steps to stop the smuggling of Various Chinese items. It’s true if Indian government impose a ban on Chinese products it will cause huge economic damage, because after all India is the biggest Consumer and China is the biggest manufacturer but it’s not possible in today’s time, China should also understand the importance of India if it wants to grow.



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