5 Big things Modi Government should do after Demonetization!

Since the announcement of Demonetization on 8th of November, Indians are struggling outside Banks but no one is saying that this step is bad, those who are Criticizing are only targeting the implementation of this step. This Bold move by the current government proves that it is able enough to take big and risky decisions. So what’s next, does this government not gonna take any such decisions in future, well the answer is they gonna take, but before taking another big decision they want to make this decision of Demonetization a good one. Recent moves like the promotion to Cashless transactions is one of them, Government is using its full power in making Indian economy a less Cash economy, which they need to do before the end of next year if they want to win again in upcoming center elections. If this dream of less Cash economy become possible then India economy will grow at the rate of 8% easily because the current budget of government moves around 4 lakh Crore but if less Cash economy becomes a reality then it will reach 15 lakh Crore which is enough to prove the benefit of less Cash economy. Recent reports like 300% growth in online transactions and 26.2% increase in direct tax are visible proofs.
Now the question arises which Bold moves are required to be taken?

Let’s go through them one by one:

  1. Fast track Judicial system. Well, this is what India really need today. Our Judicial system is not better as of other countries and the main reason behind this problem is less number of Courts and Judges, with 15 Judges per million people how can we dream of a Faster Judicial system. So what Government should do, well First of all hire more Judges and build more Courts in Country and Secondly Just like America we should also have Speedy trail act which will fix the time period of certain activities like when Case should start after the crime and how much time gap should be there between each case etc. In a recent case Supreme Court Judge said we can’t fix the time period of a case because some criminals may use it for their purposes also. The only problem is the shortage of Judges because of this, cases like Salman Khan’s Black Buck case of 1998 is still continuing and this shortage of judges is the only reason why other countries have better Judicial System then us because their population is very low. I hope present Government should do something on this issue, other issues are also there with the Judicial system but if the above-listed issue gets solved then things will automatically start improving.

  1. Destroying Reservation policy. Well to be very frank reservation policy has many benefits as it helps backward class people to stand together with the first class people but in today’s India mostly those are getting the benefit of this policy which doesn’t even need this help. So what Government should do? Currently India is not as developed that it stop giving reservation to backward people because still a large share of Indian population is backward and require governments help to grow, this thing is necessary for creating balance but now the time has come that government must do some modifications in this policy, Instead of giving reservation according to cast, government should start give reservation according to financial status of the person. A proper system should be adopted in which BPL card like Puberty card should be given to poor people and to make sure that they really belong to Below puberty line there should be proper arrangement of inspections and all so that only deserving candidates get help and with this the reservation policy will truly help in eradication of puberty for which it was formed in first place.

  1. Transparency in politics. This is another thing which India lack. Politics in India is very bad because most of the politics are criminals and less educated persons, those who are not never able to get responsibilities, In India general thinking, is politics is the business of Corrupt and clever persons and this thinking need to be Changed. Firstly all political parties should come under RTI i.e. Right to Information, all their funding details should get public on their respective sites from where they get money and where it is spent. Secondly, there should be a minimum qualification criteria to join a political party, say like Graduation is necessary for Joining a political party will bring a lot of Change because after this transparency will come people will start respecting and more and more educated people will join politics which at least know their job and issues Country has. They will definitely not gonna waste time of parliament by shouting just like today’s politicians.

  1. Banning Alcohol and other tobacco products. Frankly am not in the favor of Banning alcohol completely only low quality alcohol should be banned because alcohol business provide jobs to million of people and government also earn a lot from this industry but am truly in favor of banning all these tobacco products because they are very dangerous and things like cigarette not only affect the smoker but also the people sitting around him and it’s really annoying that no government is thinking of Banning tobacco products most of the times they target alcohol. The amount of money government spends on advertising that smoking is bad and for providing free treatment of problems which come due to the use of tobacco products is less than the revenue government earns from these industries. I know these industries provide employment to a large number of people but it’s causing bigger damage to our economy and heath of our people.

  1. World class education system. Indian education system is not as good as of other Countries because it more a routine for students they only want certificates all we Indian as a student think I need to get graduate so that I can get a Job, marry a beautiful girl etc but no buddy cares about the knowledge, the skills all that learning process is missing, all we care about marks, For the people who are running institutes it just an another business like any other. So it is in the mind where the problem lies if we start thinking that I want to learn, I want to improve my skills not about the marks and all things will definitely change we will start enjoying studies and then try to do what we really want to do because now we really know what we love and definitely there will be different Choices like Music Engineering, Creative writing all those subject which normal Universities and Colleges doesn’t offer right now because there is no demand and then they will start offering, things will automatically start changing. The government also do few things like In UAE elementary and secondary education is free and compulsory according to law same thing is possible in India, more scholarships on the basis of merit are the starting steps which government should take to improve present situation of the education system.
So, these are the things which I think Current Government should do, although the list is long but these are bigger and important once. Please do suggest us anything you like in the comment box below. Thank you.


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