Jiofi2: Everything you need to know

Jiofi2 is the latest portable Wifi hotspot device by Reliance with the help of which you can create your own wifi hotspot and connect up to 31 devices. If you are an Indian and want to enjoy Jio’s free internet but don’t have a 4G enabled phone then Jiofi2 is for you because with this you can buy a free Jio SIM and can enjoy free internet until 31st March instead of spending around five thousand bucks on a new 4G phone when your current 3G phone is in good condition buying Jiofi2 is a good decision and if you are someone who has lots of devices at home then Jiofi2 is a better option more over hotspot devices like Jiofi2 provide more internet speed as compared mobile phones.

Price: Rs. 1,999 (MRP.Rs. 2,499) well at launch Jiofi was priced Rs.2899 but now you can get Jiofi2 at discounted price of Rs. 1,999 from nearby Reliance Digital express showroom or you can buy it from Flipkart or Jio’s own site. Buying from an offline store is best because from there you will also get the SIM card also which in the case of online have to bought separately, For SIM card you just need your Aadhar card and SIM will start working in only a few hours, the half hour in my case.

Specs: Well Jiofi2 is a portable device so you can put it in your pocket and continue using the internet. You can connect up to 31 devices at a time, its battery is of 2300mAh which last around 6 hours and take 2 hours in charging, if you continue using the internet while charging then it takes 3 hours. It supports 32GB Micro SD card slot, this card you can use to store files online this Card also enable you to share files also. You can also enjoy free HD voice or Videos calling by downloading Jio4Gvoice app on your Smartphone. It supports Nano SIM.

In Box accessories: Along with Jiofi2 you also get an Adapter come USB Charger which you can use to charge it just like your smart phone, a battery and off course Jiofi2 along with warranty card and instruction cards.

Warranty: For the device, you get 1 year Warranty and for the accessory, you get 6 months just like most Smartphones.

Range: As jiofi2 is a portable device so it has low range 6-8 meters but that’s not a problem at all because you can take it anywhere with you.

Speed: Jiofi2 speed depends upon signal strength which you can know by the built-in indicators green means good signal while red means no and blue represents the low signal. As far as my experience is concerned than speed is slow in evening time while before afternoon it's good. Speed totally depends upon your location.

Jiofi2 interface: You can know your signal strength, speed, the number of devices connect by going on site http://jiofi.local.html/ or on this site you can also change your password or other details.

Data usage and registration: You also have to register on where first you have to verify your number then email address to register through which you can enjoy various services of Jio including free Voice and video calls by Jio apps and can also know your Data usage through this account. OTP will come on your number and currently there is no medium to read it except mobile so you have you insert your Jio SIM card in 4G enabled smartphone to register.

Indicators and buttons: Jiofi2 has multiple light indicators like Power indicator which blink continually so that you can know it’s on It's on the power button, a signal indicator which changes color to show signal strength as mentioned above, connection indicator, Wi-Fi indicator and WPS indicator. Apart from these indicators it has two buttons, First is the power button which is at front. To start or stop Jiofi2 you need to press it for few seconds and secondly the WPS button by pressing it for 3 seconds on Jiofi2 and on your other device you can connect quickly without the need of entering password it will make your secured network a open network for quicker connection so that your friend can connect quickly and you don’t have to share password.

PS: well this is all about Jiofi2 but you can buy Jiofi3 also which is currently available on amazon and other e-commerce websites, stay connected to know about Jiofi3.


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