Ever since the announcement of Demonetization, The number of online transactions in India has increased to a greater extent, even Indian Government is trying all methods to promote cashless transactions via Debit cards, Credit cards, e-wallets and Net Banking etc. But with increase in number of Customers using all these payments methods which are quite new for them, the incidents of online frauds also increased.

International Hackers are seeing this new trend in India as a great opportunity which lead to increase in number of Cyber Crimes. Indian Government need to aware general people regarding Cyber crimes and online transaction through various modes and make our law and police capable to handle this new scenario properly.

If you are a person who does cashless payments then Do take care of following things:

Hackers Generally convince you to download some random mobile apps or application by providing offers, with these apps they can use all the data available on your phone, they can see whom you are calling, your contact list and most importantly your SMS. They can see at the same time as you receive them on your phone. When we does an online transaction through debit card, e-wallet or net banking the concerned bank or service provider send us the OTP on our phone which we have to enter to complete that transaction but hackers can also see that OTC if we had downloaded their fake app. Same thing is possible with the Computers and laptops. So this way a hacker can do fraud with you. I myself try this technique and to be very frank it’s very easy to hack, you can even track the exact location of the person whom you are hacking.

To avoid such type of fraud First of all stop running behind all these small offers which random companies give in exchange of downloading their applications on your mobile or PC.

Secondly, Be careful with your mobile whenever an OTP came on your mobile don’t share it with anyone sometimes some fraud people call saying they are from the bank and upgrading your debit card or changing your pin don’t tell them anything instead call the police. I know these days everyone is aware of this still I remind you Bank never call and ask for your OTP. In case you receive an OTC regarding unknown transaction then quickly call your bank to black your Credit or debit card.

Third, Keep updating your password. Well to be secure change your Password every month whether Debit card, e-wallet, Net Banking etc.

Sometimes we give our credit card to waiter so that he can do the payment which is also wrong because who know maybe he use our card on a card reader and copy all the card details which further could be used to do transactions, It difficult to do fraud transaction at that time for the waiter because he can be caught easily but if he copy the card details through Card reader and do transaction after that it’s difficult to catch him. Some shop keepers do some modifications with their swipe machine which whenever used copy the card details for illegal use. To avoid this firstly stay present and alert while someone is using your card and most of the time do it yourself. Secondly, avoid using the card in small, unknown shops.
Another thing which you can do is protect your device with an anti-virus having Safe Banking feature like Quick Heal total Security


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